"Curb The Hub" curated by Sophie Blumenthal.
Gallery On Wade, 2016.

Ours is a generation of fingers that instinctually, impulsively squeeze forefinger to

thumb while viewing an image. We pinch pages in a quarter-century that has moved

the darkroom to the digital; in a political climate that promises to plug leakages of data. 

We offer ourselves to a zeitgeist that continues to let those private seepages run.  Maya Fuhr is assessing the advancements and regarding the damage. She is pursuing control.

*Curb The Hub* frames Fuhr as both individual and structure; as both subject and artist; confessor and censor. Her photographs zoom out and zoom in. She selects an image and pairs it with a crop from therein. She blows up a photograph, prints it large, makes it permanent; but it’s printed on crumpled aluminium. She pushes for digital effects in film, stretching the image, but the medium is unrefined, the grain shows through. Fuhr opens up, but obscures access. She is common, and cryptic; available, but away.

Rounding her comment’s potential edges, Fuhr maintains a soft humor, a dance between shadow and light; a delight of fashion exercised in non-descript locations; a
distracted gaze; a confessional color. She is detached, sensual, but don’t mistake her: Maya Fuhr is attempting control.

"Garbage Girls"

Artemisia ארטמיסיה , Tel Aviv, 2016.

© Copyright 2016

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