Maya Fuhr

                                                                Born in Victoria (B.C , Canada) 1989

                                                                                        Visual Artist


2010 Cinema & Communications Certificate, Dawson College, Montreal, Quebec



Pending Nomination: CanadianArtFashionAwards, Image Maker of The Year Award

Pending Nomination: PhotoDistrictNews, Emerging Photographer To Watch Award


The Magenta Foundation Flash Forward, Project Grant



Permanent Collection, Toronto, Project Gallery


ArtPop, Montreal, Figuratively Full


Project Gallery, Toronto, CONTACT Photography Festival, Body Talk



ArtGate International Art Fair, 2020 Vision


10 Years Ago Gallery, Toronto, Tec Style


Darren Gallery, Toronto,  CONTACT Photography Festival, Malleable Privilege


Gallery On Wade, Toronto, Curb The Hub

Artemisia ארטמיסיה, Tel Aviv, Garbage Girls

AGO- Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Lemonless



Pending Blanc Gallery, Montreal,  Village Motel

Darren Gallery, Los Angeles, PHOTO L.A, Wobbly Lines

Patel Brown Gallery, Toronto, Gallery Pivots

2 Gallery, Picton, Time Will Tell

Gallery 44, Toronto, Salon 44


10 Years Ago Gallery, Toronto, Opening Exhibition

Gallery TPW, Toronto, Photorama Photography Festival

The Drake Hotel, Toronto, Interior/Exterior

Merchant Gallery, Los Angeles, Twisted Two

THNK1994 Museum, New York, Brazzers Backroom VHS


Gallery TPW, Toronto, Photorama Photography Festival

Coal Drops Yards, London, Protection for Amnesty International

Little Sister Gallery, Toronto, Trident


The Print Space, London, Photography On A Post Card

Free Space, Toronto, Studio Nine

Galerie Chez Moi, Paris, We All Match

Pop Up Jalouse Magazine, Paris, La Chambre Des Merveilles


Only One Gallery, Toronto, Vice Annual Photo Show

Czech Centre, New York, Youth Explosion- The New Bohemia

90 Monroe St, New York, Dreams Come True

Alt Space, Brooklyn, Take Me Home Tonight


416 Gallery, Toronto, Unfold

Untitled Space, Vancouver, Girls Girls Girls

Parts & Labour, Toronto, Get Curious with VICE/FIDO


Edward Day Gallery, Toronto, This Is Not For You

Blackcat Gallery, Toronto, The Immaculate Selfie

Goodfellas Gallery, Toronto, Kind of Wild and Sort of Free

Galerie d'Art Yves Laroche, Montreal, Kind of Wild and Sort of Free

Project Gallery, Toronto, Contact Photography Festival, Concurrent Streams


Space 15 Twenty, Los Angeles, Strange Magic

Recession Art, New York, Still Figuring it Out

Creatures Creating Gallery, Toronto, Her Point of View

Norman Felix Gallery, Toronto, Poor Sisters

Milkglass Gallery, Toronto, Party Room



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